12 June 2014

Sweet and wild Cambodia

Arriving in Phnom Penh through the airport is not exactly a breeze, but it could be worse. Not having opted for the e-visa, I had to make my visa at the airport but as I was one of the first passengers and everything was ready, I managed to get out quite quickly. Thank Goodness my boyfriend never misses what is REALLY important, so he immediately saw the booths where khmer SIM cards were on sale for a very cheap price.

Out of the airport, finding a taxi was easy but I did not wanted to haggle over the ridiculous price he was asking, so here we go into the awful traffic … complete disrespect of the most basic rules of traffic rules, undersized road network, billions of two-wheels appearing out of the blue … compared to Pnom Penh, Bangkok looks like Zurich ! However we finally arrived safe and sound to our hotel : the Silver River Hotel stands close to the Royal Palace, the Tonlesap Quai and some boys bars : our deluxe room with a nice balcony over the street was booked through Agoda.

Sitting in the taxi for 25 minutes to the hotel just when Universities and schools were out was more than enough to be striken by the cuteness of cambodian lads : no fat boy or girl in sight, only smiling and good-looking faces all over the street … promising sight.

Sweet khmer boy on mobike
Sweet khmer boy

We spent our two days in Pnom Penh shopping, visiting the most touristy places and strolling along the Sisawat Quai - despite having to confront the unendless and lawless traffic. Other trips included a visit to the Soraya commercial center, interrupted by frequent power cuts (never use a lift in Cambodia !), and to the Psar Tuol Tom Pong market - also known as Russian Market - where you can buy bargain clothes and souvenirs.

A tuk-tuk driver brought us to the Killing Fields, after a long trip among populous areas in the suburbs. Despite having read a lot about the Khmer Rouge exactions, we felt really moved when confronted with the reality of the awful crimes that were commited by Pol Pot and his henchmen. In fact no visitor can leave unaffected after visiting the exact location where the genocide took place. How a nation which has so nice-looking and smiling boys (and girls) can produce such awful crimes stands beyond reason.

But I had come in Phnom Penh not only for the tourist attractions and place of memories …


Anonymous said...

Airport under complete renovation-visa on arrival was extremely convenient and fast there, nor any demands for paying more. SIM is now free from most providers for tourists. Go OUT of airport parking-to main street for cheaper local tuktuks (moto wirth remorque) or moto-bikes. There are now also meter-taxis, though from airport its a flat rate, prepaid coupons.
Traffic here in PnPn at least moves (most of time), which cannot be said for BKK. AND there is for the real money-savers now also a citybusnetwork of 3 lines, the 03 passes in front of airport and ends near the central market-2000 KHR (US 0,50)

ilz said...

Thank you, very useful information.
Busses are not only a money saver, they are more secure than motodops and morev scenic than taxis - and you could make nice encounters too ???