03 November 2016

Missed opportunities

I had a comfortable stay in Bangkok but it was rather tame in relation to what I had expected. I quickly settled down into routines of everyday life, without exciting adventures. Truth to be said, I must say that I had some difficulty because of a fall in the bathroom of my hotel in Hua Hin ; the boy had not used the shower curtain and I literally fell down in his arms with a sore back, probably a cracked tail-bone.

The fact that Saphan Kwai was very quiet did not help, especially when I was told about the closing of the only gogo bar left in the area - and that I did not read about in any webboard : Be High had closed two months ago, seemingly due to problems that some boy had with customers. The fact that the owner's husband works in the police probably did not help in these times.

And also there was the unexpected visit of my boyfriend, who had to close his karaoke during one month after His Majesty the King passing away. Meaning he had both to escape the boring life you can imagine when you are stuck upcountry with nothing to do, and also to try to get some money to make for the loss of one month's income. Listening to my good heart, I accepted to stay with him longer than expected, be it at the price of some drawbacks, but with the benefit of sharing meals and good times together.

I went to Suphanburi alone as planned before, and had all the time needed to visit the town – typical thai provincial town where life revolves around the wats and the commercial centers. The local boys were very decent to look at but mostly in groups so nothing to hope from them, and the local Facebook gay group was very quiet. To top it all, I could not even visit the major attraction in town which is a tower allowing large views above the whole area ; it is closed on Mondays, and you guess on which day I was there.

Available bedroom mandatory
I had also planned a stop in the neighboring Ang Thong, as I had read someone there tried to hire boys for an undefined work. I had secretly hoped it could be some hidden boy brothel but bad luck again : the Facebook account of the potential recruiter had just been closed when I tried to ask him for more information.

Pattaya looks promising but will probably miss the scent of adventure which needs at least an available bedroom to be fulfilled …

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