27 October 2016

Hopes made real

As soon as I arrived in Udon Thani, I phoned the first boy I had wanted to meet., and he was OK to come and see me. This year, no mother wanting him to stay at home (but did she ever tell this ?), he arrived at the agreed time and of course looked beautiful with his long hair and lean body. We immediately went for a meal at UD Town food center which is really a nice place with heaps of handsome waiters and fresh beer. Not that he ordered the cheapest meal but it was such a pleasure to see his smile that I could net event think about that.

Udon Thani boy
Ball is a 19 y/o old boy that I befriended on Facebook two years ago when he was a waiter in a pub in Chonburi. He then came back home in Udon Thani province where I had met him shortly last year, strongly suggesting him that I wanted to sleep with him, which he did not seem to object to.

And so we were quickly on our way to my hotel where no question was asked. For private reasons, I will not tell a lot about what happened next, mostly because he agreed for me to publish his picture here – like last year. Let’s say that I had badly wanted him, and could get him ; at the end of the night, that is all what matters. He left at 2 in the afternoon after watching a movie and a last ice-cream at the local Svenssens branch and of course some compensation for his time … I read in his Facebook that he had made ‘good money’ so the tip must have been up to his expectations.

After another meal at UD Town and a night alone, the other boy arrived at 11 am and wanted to rest a little. In fact he did not want to wait before continuing the brief session we had last year in a rest room of the local department store. Once again no question asked at my hotel, and we could proceed to the room before ending both on the bed discovering our bodies and our desires. He was as hot as on the first day, but really still looked like a young boy although being now legal.

I almost wanted to cancel the trip I had planned in Bangkok and Hua Hin, fearing to feel uneasy about having such a young-looking cutie in tow. Finally we tried not to be seen together too often, and did not get bad looks from everyone, be it in my hotel in Bangkok or even in the supposedly more conservative Hua Hin. However the boy took some liberties on the least night in Hua Hin where he staid until late with a so-called friend, which could as well have been a boyfriend or a Facebook shag … as this closeted gay boy seems to have a very strong sex drive for strong fuckers (which I am not).

At least I could use my free time to review the Hua Hin bar scene, which is now reduced to the long lasting Red Indian Bar and to the rather new Guys Bar. Red Indian has not changed and probably does not appeal to many, due to very few staff. On the contrary Guys Bar has a very welcoming thai owner, and some interesting boys rather on the “manly’ side ; they also have a massage service.

Finally I was rather relieved to send the boy on his flight back home ; it had probably been a great time for him, as he could escape his boring countryside and discover many new opportunities (along with some new clothes and a much needed financial reward}, but it was rather frustrating for me not to be able to do many things together. Sorry, the boy did not want his picture to be seen on the net.

Now back to Bangkok for a more peaceful time, enjoying both the quietness of my hotel and the hectic city life.

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