20 October 2016

Looking around

I love being in Bangkok and usually begin my holidays staying there for a few days before getting accustomed to thai life. This year, due to various commitments, I had chosen to stay only one day before heading to Udon Thani.

sleepy thai boy
However I had to make a lot of things during only one afternoon and despite being tired from the flights. Most important : checking my ATM card as we all know that how useful this small plastic thing is for our success in Thailand. So I can use my card for still two years but could as well get a new card with a 6-digit code immediately. And then there was the mandatory walk around my beloved Saphan Kwai area. Not a lot has changed except still new condo developments, once again close to my hotel – which for the time being remains an island of peace among all these never-ending construction sites. The karaoke shops are still there with the addition of a Door karaoke, but they were almost void of boys in this Wednesday evening by the own account of one owner. As for the massage shops, they look promising and still going on.

What is still there too are the street food stalls. Pradiphat Road seems for now to have escaped the craziness which wants to make Bangkok like Singapore. Unlike Silom which is now just another street in another wolrd city.

To-morrow, flight to Udon Thani for a three-days trip which could not be described more accurately than being a sex tourism tour.

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