11 October 2016

Keeping up with the times

Not one post since last March did not mean that I am not interested any more in going to Thailand. In fact my mind was in Thailand more often than suitable, thanks to daily contacts with real or virtual friends through Facebook. And now there is only one week left before it will be my body's turn to arrive in Bangkok.

Social media allowed me to stay in touch with the two Udon Thani boys I met last time, and a trip to Udon is already in the pipeline. The guy I met for only a short talk seems to be interested by a new meeting, which will probably take place in a hotel room as he is not shy at all (he had worked in a pub in Sri Racha when only 17 y/o, and he is now 19). I am much more involved with the second one ; he is clearly looking for money, but I cannot forget the short but hot encounter we had in the Central Plaza restrooms. I will invite him for three days in Bangkok and Hua Hin, a short trip which hopefully will allow him to forget a very oppressive atmosphere at home. Not that we will sleep in separate beds of course. I only fear to feel not at ease to have a rather young (but legal) guy in tow and I guess he will be labelled as my step-son on more than a few times.

The links I had with my boyfriend have distended somewhat ; I had given him much more money than I can afford, to set up his own business (a country karaoke in his home village), and simply get bored to have to give more. I guess we will meet only for two or three days, possibly for Songkran, and then will stay friends. The responsability I felt for him was too much of a burden – financially and emotionnally – and I do not want to have it any more.

Besides Pattaya, the agenda also shows a short trip to Suphanburi and Ang Thong (floods allowing), just to discover new places and, why not, new opportunities to meet boys. Ang Thong seems to have something particular about rent boys that I would like to discover : some one recruits boys in the 14/21 y/o range on Facebook for a high-paying job opportunity in this town and I guess it has nothing to do with rice harvesting.

Generally speaking, many boys seem to sell services on Facebook in this times, especially during October when they are on school holidays. I already have some contacts and hope to jump on more chances when being in Thailand … like a cutie sending a message like … "I go Bangkok to-night, have nowhere to go, who can help me ?". Or like this boy from Roi Et who just now answered "jack-off together" when I asked him what a tourist could do in his town (now in the process of getting further ...).

For sure I like the bars and the strolling along the Saranrom streets but, hey, you have to keep up with the times

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