11 November 2016

Pattaya the way I like it

Years follow one another but don't look alike. I was in Pattaya last year at the same time (early November) and did not like it ; but I really enjoyed my time this year. With less tourists around, and especially at the beach, Pattaya is a nice place to be, which I had forgotten.

Sure a construction site going on near my hotel had been a disappointment on arrival, not too much because of noise but as it could mean less privacy and a less sunny rooftop swimming pool in the future ; then hotel rooms in Pattaya are not used mostly for looking at the landscape. Which was more rewarding was the always welcoming staff and the fact that the customer base still includes mostly well-behaved farangs despite low prices and a good location.

When I had spent only two afternoons in an overcrowded Dong Tan Beach last year, I found myself happily stuck in my usual concession almost every day. The operation is rather small and quiet, and we were blessed this year by the daily attendance of the young son of the operator's girlfriend : a gorgeous 14 y/o isan boy, who spent most of his days lazily playing with his phone... an obviously elusive dream for still some years to come. Cuties were few and far between and as always ice-cream sellers were at the top of the list as far as looks – and sales success – were concerned.

With the boyfriend in tow, it was difficult to elaborate scenarios to lure boys to my room … I would have liked to give my calling card to some waiters or sellers but what about setting anything up if they had called me back ? This obviously spoilt part of my stay, and I will make it clear that my next stay in Pattaya will be entirely on my own. Not that I did not appreciate my friend's presence in our evening escapades which lead us to Sky Boy Bar, Oh Aharn Restaurant or to the always great show in The Venue Jomtien. We also tripped to Kor Lan where beaches are also closed on Wednesday but has some private spaces where sunbeds can be rented.

Koh Larn, another paradise
Quiet Wednesday in Koh Larn

We also went to a boy karaoke along with three of his friends and a boy offed from Sky Bar. This shop is located near the Pattaya Tai / Pattaya 3 crossing on a soi linking with Soi Ko Pai 4. Every hour or so, a full staff of about 20 boys goes on the scene and every table is strongly pushed to ask for 1 or 2 of them to join, with a fee of 200 THB added to the bill. The boys go from very cute to ordinary, and from shy to eager, which makes a rather pleasant although expensive experience. My boyfriend and the Sky Bar boy agreed on letting me sleep with the latter, which I did not even really intended to do, but I happily obliged while my boyfriend went to another place with his friends.

Besides this I paid some visits to Good Boys, Nice Boys, Vassa, 360 Bar, with no real interest for what was on offer. Sunee Plaza was mostly very quiet as described on the boards, and I visited only some beer bars, chatting or not with the boys. One of them in in Diamond Bar was especially friendly, and very straightforward about what he would do in bed, but not my type. And I never forgot to stop in one of the Jomtien Complex beer bars where I still have some naughty target to hit.

Not being able to off anyone in my room, I fell back again on the massage places, and must say that I was rather delighted by the two boys I chose (separately) in Ice Massage (next door to Salt and Pepper Restaurant). The first one immediately took good care of my rear part, making sure that my hand was pressing his package, and the second one – a brow skinned young lad from Ubon – took off his clothes immediately to his briefs, and after some light massage, insisted on my crotch ; this obviously lead to more nudity, two happily erect dicks, and even passionate French kissing which is a rare occurrence in this kind of places.

I finally convinced my friend to go back home for preparing the reopening of his business, which will leave me by myself for five or six nights between Pattaya and Bangkok.

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