14 November 2016

Alone, finally

My boyfriend went back home and a new holiday began, but for only a few days left. He was not very happy with me "chasing" him but then I had told him I wanted to stay alone for most of my holiday.

I finally could try to meet the two boys I had known from Facebook ; the first one was another isan boy who had to drop out of school at the end of the school year last March when he was still 17 y/o, because of lack of money. He then came to Pattaya working in a massage shop that I could identify as Ice Massage ; however I never saw him during my stay and then learned he had moved to a girl massage place in the same area. Unfortunately he was also nowhere to be seen, and I guess I will try to forget him. Especially as his Facebook now shows him in a high end hotel in Jomtien where some lucky farang is probably enjoying his charms.

I was luckier with another target, a cambodian guy working in a Jomtien Bar. I first stopped in the bar when coming from from the beach to reacquaint myself with some boys I had taken in the past – not difficult as the staff here is very friendly and eager to share drinks with customers. One of the guys I knew from two years ago suggested that I could bring two or three boys to Kor Larn which they never had the opportunity to visit : himself of course, my target boy, and another one that I "offed" when seeing that target boy was not available.

Great idea, as going with this gang of three khmer boys allowed me to live one of these days that make a holiday in Thailand so special. They were all on-time at the pier where boats leave for the island, which was a good beginning. And on the island they decided to ride a banana tour without asking money from me : they knew I was not interested and I guess the tip I gave to the one I had "offed" was partly used to pay : nice mindset. I really had a blast looking at these three friends playing in the water as if there were no to-morrow, forgetting their hard life and their worries, and offering their perfect bodies to the sun (and to my eyes). And they sincerely enjoyed this escape from everyday life. I could also get more intimate with my target boy and make clear I wanted to take him, which I did.

Fun at beach with khmer boys from Jomtien gay bar
Happy khmer boy in Koh Larn

I spent my last evening drinking beers with the three of them who seemed sincerely thankful for this trip, and for the tips I gave them for this great time together. I must say that my heart has been moved by one of the three guys : not the older one, not the target boy, but the third one who is a winner in the flesh despite being quite ordinary on pictures (I think I had even "unfriended" him on Facebook, not knowing he was working in this bar).

And that's all for Pattaya 2016, once again a great time thanks to the boys, the beach and the sun.

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