02 November 2010


Boy in Udon Thani gay bar
The new Paradorn
Did you ever fancy to sleep with the famous thai tennis star ? It happened to me in Udon Thani. In fact I spent a night with a boy who looked very much like him, and about thirteen years younger ... to the point that you could imagine that Paradorn's father was a horny postman in the Udon Thani area. And more than this, the look-alike provided great sex and a very affectionate attitude.

I found this jewel in Boyzone Bar, which is one of the two gay bars left in Udon Thani. The location is not very convenient as it is quite far from the center and walking there would be at least a thirty minutes chore. Boyzone has just changed its location and some tuk tuk seem not to know the new place yet ; the exact location is on PhornPhisai Road, west of the north end of Thanon Adunyadet, exacty between Adunyadet Soi 7 and Pracha Uthit Road intersections. Moreover the owner is a cute young thai who has a very brilliant attitude and speaks excellent english.

To my great disappointment, the old Boys Boys Bar closed four or five months ago, after they had moved to a new location near the Srisuk Road Post Office (same soi as Bandung Spa) ; it is a pity, as they had more of the boys next door type. The third bar is City Man on the south part of Adunyadet Road, between the Fountain Circle and what the locals call the Haayaek Wunwai (which translates approximately as a crossing with five roads converging which is a nightmare). They have four or five boys, all very male, but their policy is not very fair ; if you invite a boy (or if they invite him for you), they will add beers as long as you do not stop them so that you have to be on your guards if you want to keep in control of the tab and your alcohol consumption.

Besides these two bars (and I am surprised enough that no one has ever mentioned the Boys Boys closure on any thai related gay board - I guess I have to do all the dirty work here ...), there are two massage places that are still working and get good reviews. And boys are said to hustle at night on the north park of Sri Muang Park near the monuments - but I could not see anyone, although a tuk tuk driver had announced many young guys eager to go with you for 300/400 THB.

Bar boy in Udon Thani
Another Boyzone guy
My hotel was the always good Charoen Hotel near the main bus station ; no Halloween Night in Udon Thani and no one missed this awful american thing.

On my lifelong duty to stay at least for one night in every thai province, I had a stop in Chayaphum where tourism is not really developped and you can understand why as there is not a lot to see in town. However the national parks in the province are beautiful but you have to be on your own wheels. Many dark-skinned boys, with possibilities in a small pub called "Nice" opposite to the Dee Phrom Hotel, but I did not test at all.

The dreaded end of my holidays is getting close, it will be now two days in Bangkok and then nine days in Pattaya and Rayong mostly with Tam, but I am as always free to look for other pleasures...


Christian said...

Are these bars (outside Bangkok and Pattaya)aimed at Farang or at Thai? Were there many Farang customers?

naklua said...

Great reports about some Isaan provinces. On the usual Thai gay English language message boards there is not too much information on these destinations, especially boy-wise. I am happy to learn that you had a good time with a boy from Black Beans. I think I will give Ubon another try in March next year and take a look at "Famous", too, as Pattaya has become rather disappointing over the years - ever more Katoeys, ever less masculine but cute boys.