05 November 2010

Bangkok hunting

Bangkok is the place where I like to drop my suitcases between two trips in Pattaya or in the provinces ; this is why I usually spend at least seven or eight nights there in total during a one month stay in Thailand. I know many do not like the hectic pace of life in the big city, but Bangkok has really a lot to offer be it during the day or at night. During these two days between dusty Isaan and hot Pattaya, I could do some shopping, update my laundry – and my blog … - and sleep in after six tiring days.

I could not ignore the bars and divided my time between Patphong and Saphan Kwai. In Patphong, Tam brought me to Dream Boys, and I have to thank him for this as I would not go alone in the Soi Twilight places mostly because of their outrageous prices (300 THB for a beer). We loved the show (with a lot of nudity and explicit sex), and some of the boys, but were a little bit upset to be invited to go downstairs in Boys Bangkok at the end of the show. Alone I could then visit Nice Boys – nothing to write home about -, Solid Boys which had only six boys, and My Way which was too dark to see anything except some young faces : they could well have been the jailbait that a recent thread talked about.

In Saphan Kwai I turned up once again into my favourite Street Boy where the new owner seems to have good ideas to revive the place, including hiring some nice guys (and, I was told, proposing some dancing on Friday and Saturday nights). On the contrary I entered the neighbouring Adam just to be completely ignored by anyone, so another place to avoid in the future. Most bars seemed to have less boys than last year and the mamasan in Heaven did not even invite me to go inside although I have been knowing him for some time now : "only two boys to-night" he told me.

And then there are the massage places which could keep you busy for many months. Bangkok is thriving with new places in every nook and cranny of the town, most being in the grey area between authentic massage shops, and sex places – which is what makes them attractive. However selecting a place on the net – for example from the very good Thai Massage Boy website http://www.thaimassageboy.com/homepage/ is too uncertain because the boy you had picked from their website could well not be there or already busy. You cannot risk to loose an entire evening going for example to Nonthaburi when you have too little time. I had read about a place which had got good reviews on a thai webboard and was opportunely located in Saphan Kwai : it is curiously called "Pruksa Bureau Massage" and is hidden in a small soi along Phahonyothin Road – near the north west exit of Saphan Kwai BTS station, same soi as Samsara Spa. The experience was good and cheap but I could chose from only two boys and the one I picked was more into massage than into anything else ; however I know that some extra service can be had in this place like in most others.

rent-boy near Saranrom Park
rent-boy near Saranrom Park
And to confirm the general dwindling of the number of boys selling themselves – a rather good news for Thailand if not for us -, I had another trip to the Saranrom area and found very few rent-boys although I went at the suitable time (about 10 / 11 pm). The area east of Wat Phra Kaew was almost deserted problably due to the closing of the road running along the Defence Ministry, making driving around Saranrom impossible. The boys were standing mostly south and west of the Wat Phra Kaew coumpounds, which is a poorly lit and more dangerous looking area. I asked the taxi driver do go on although there were some nice and desirable guys as usual, but clearly more scattered than before.

So all in all a rather ordinary time in Bangkok but with more time on my hands I would probably have found beautiful surprises …

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