07 November 2010

Holy days

The last ten days of my trip are the holidays inside the holiday : I stay in Pattaya, planning nothing, letting life carry me along. I have just come yesterday with Tam who had joined me in Bangkok, and he does not dislike this life as most of the time he has as much freedom as I have.

The typical day begins for me with a two or three hours working session around the hotel swimming pool, where I put a lot of efforts into improving my suntan. In the same time, Tam lazes in the room reading motoring magazines or looking at some movie on the TV. We get together at noon for a meal in our favourite eatery which is the same as last year : Nong Jai on Tipp Plaza – despite all the cute waiters from last year having gone elsewhere.

Latest attraction at Jomtien Beach
Latest attraction at Jomtien Beach
I then go to Jomtien, usually alone as Tam does not like too much doing nothing in the heat of the beach. I usually escape the hustle of the yellow chairs and walk some meters farther on until I reach a place with less cute beach attendants but also less noise, less shouting, less cig smoking and more space.

And this does not mean the place is boring : most beach sellers pass by, including the newest attraction which is a huge blue ball you can move from inside for a fee.

In the evening we have another meal at Nong Jai or at Oh Aharn Thai on Pattaya Tai where everything is really delicious. And then I go to the bars mostly alone, although Tam sometimes goes with me especially to the Pattayaland bars. And I have to say that I like to go to Pattayaland more than before : there are so many boys to look at, and so many bars to discover. With J Jimmy James, Euro Boys and Sundance now closed, shopping around Sunee Plaza is quickly done, whereas there always seem to be a bar you do not know in Pattayaland.

Two days ago, we went again to Tamnan Chon with Tam, one of his friends, and the usual friend of his friend with the girlfriend in tow. The night was good with lots of music and alcool but I could not stop noticing that the friend of the friend was more and more often looking at me and putting his hand on my knee – and I was more and more interested in him. When I went to the toilets, he followed me and stood in front of the next urinal ; it was obvious he wanted to show me what he had between his legs and it was not an ugly sight at all. I felt very unconfortable when we went back to our table where my boyfriend and the boy's girlfriend where waiting, pretending not to have noticed anything. To make a long story short, Tam went to his own room, and the boy came to mine. The action was beginning to heat up when he began to ask for a rather steep fee – just at the moment when I was really excited by this young isan guy, how could I have refused. Sex was good and I guess it was mostly due to the fact that I felt like a young man whom another young man was craving for (or was it for my wallet ?)… In fact the guy was a mere money-boy : I came upon him yesterday in a beer bar where he was working. I will never know why this boy ended up at the same table as me that night, but it is such a nice illusion to feel desired by someone when you did not expect it at all …


Anonymous said...

The dark-skin guy on the left is so sexy!

Anonymous said...

A lot of friends of friends in Pattaya are money boys & are on-call all the time, and ready to give you the attention you need.
This has happened to me before...Eduard