20 November 2010

Game over

Once again time has gone by so quickly … holidays #22 is now just a memory like the others. It has brought its share of bad news and good times, but like the others it has never been disppointing, sometimes surprising, always interesting.

The last days were spent in Pattaya with Tam who let me go alone more than he should have. After the usual afternoon at the beach, I went to most not yet visited bars. I was especially happy to go to the new David Boys Bar which I already have mentionned without having seen it. The owner approached me each time I went, as we have been knowing each other for a long time : he was the former owner of my favourite bar in Saphan Kwai. I could congratulate him on the nice layout of his new place, with the white colour offering a welcome change from most other bars in Boyztown. The boys were a nice bunch with one or two standing out ; on the evenings I went there, the boys were actually dancing but I don't know whether they will act this way after one month of daily work. I also went to Jomtien with Tam who wanted to see the show at The Venue ; this was another very good time : very professionnal show, some gorgeous lads, good atmosphere due to the fact that you are not locked in a room, and all this for a very reasonable price : what do you want more ?

The Sunee bars were duly visited as if I had to store up as many pictures in my mind as possible, before the unavoidable emptyness I know I will have to face back home. Nice Boys was a regular stop although I did not take any boy; I went to Eros Boys despite all the bad feedbacks (which I can only confirm), and also to some beer bars besides my usual Threezone refuge. And I have to confess that I went to the other places too, those that noone on the webboards admits to visit, but which get a steady flow of customers every night. I even saw the one with a secret passage leading to what I guess are short-time rooms. I like sleaze and I leave the right not to patronize these places to those who live in Pattaya all the year long.

I met only once this incredibly cute motorsai driver who picked me up in Sunee (near Nice Boys bar) late at night, so I guess he is not on duty there every evening. He did not react to my very light touching during the ride, and when I asked him what time he left his work, he answered "to-morrow morning" without the slightest hint he could be available. My pen rai, what is most interesting in Thailand is not to sleep with as many cute boys as possible, but to know that at least you have many more chances to get the one you fancy than elsewhere in the world – unless of course you are young and cute yourself.

Jomtien Beach at its best
Jomtien Beach at its best

The sunshine endly came on the day I had to go back to Bangkok for my last two days in Thailand. This is the time I try almost physically to hold back the time which flies on. Rather than a much needed good sleep, I chose to walk and walk again aimlessly, just to fill all my body with the odors, the atmosphere, the faces that I will crave for for eleven months to come. And I used the few minutes left to do all the chores and the shopping I had been conscientiously delaying for one month.

Once again I had to admit defeat against time. I know that one day I will be the one – and not my boss – who will choose the day I'll leave the country which I love.

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benoit said...

Merci pour cette nouvelle recension de ton voyage.