20 July 2008


I would not like my holidays in Pattaya being restricted to bar-hopping and boy-offing. This is why I generally get up very soon (at least by Pattaya standards), just to have more time to do nothing .. lazily lying under the sun or just having time to take care of myself – a favor that us working class battlers cannot afford very often.

Nong Nooch Garden and boy
Nong Nooch garden and boy
Besides this I made the usual trip to Nang Ram Beach near Sattahip, only to find that many russians had already found their way to this little paradise. I guess I'll have to find something else soon.

I had never toured the Nong Nooch Garden and came here a little by chance, guided by one of the boys I had met. Not being mad about flowers and gardens, I was fearing a boring visit, but the place turned out being very entertaining. Go there with a thai boy and a camera and you will be surprised how gifted these guys are when posing for a photo … they really pose like stars but in a totally innate way. As the setting is quite appropriate for this, you should end with a lot of successful pictures.

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