06 July 2008

Groundless fears

I generally go to Pattaya AFTER trips to other parts of Thailand. I know too well that the emollient way of life here could make me less prone to do the sidetrips that provide the best memories of a stay in Thailand, so the one-week or more time I stay in Pattaya is always scheduled at the end of my holiday.

After reading about all the police checks and the growing lack of safety, I had for the first time some fears about my stay. I have to say that these fears were completely groundless : during the eight days I spent in Sin City, it was business as usual : same easy-going atmosphere, same (wrong) feeling that you have reached a place where everything is possible, same number of cute boys everywhere and everytime.

My favourite haunts were as usual a long stay in Jomtien in the afternoon and hanging around Sunee Plaza at night. I had warned Tam that I was coming so he joined me for the last four days and I can only say that I loved the time we were together. We are now more friends than lovers, and he perfectly admits that I am a hopeless butterfly who sometimes needs a welcoming shoulder – as long as this shoulder is his …

Cha,thaburi bar boy
Chanthaburi boy : all my "specs"
During my "free" period, I visited almost every bar in Sunee and some in Boyztown. Most were open except for Villa Rouge ; I especially loved the new Euroboys which has been completely redesigned by the new owner. There is no elevated stage any more but the boys "dance" on the floor like in Minou Bar, and the all-white atmosphere is a pleasant change from the ubiquitous black colour prevailing in Boyztown bars. Soon after entering the place, I saw a tall, dark-skinned and shy-looking guy I could not take my eyes off : exactly my "sapek" (specs) as thai say. This 18 y/o cutie from Chanthaburi was my friend for two nights and did not disappointed although not very talkative even in Thai (his english was almost non-existent). This bar had some other cute ones but probably a little too young if you care to strictly abide by the law.

I also loved the JJJ James but did not take anyone there although one of the waiter was an absolute delight. Lot of young meat is on display in this bar, which I like to look at but avoid to take away. Good Boys gave the same sight, along with some bad feeling that I cannot only explain by the ciggie smoke and the large number of asian customers. Look Boys is another place with some (mostly) young staff but hardly any discipline and too many feminine young guys. Same in Nice Boys which is a pale imitation of the former Kaos. And Minou was an absolute dump giving a slight idea of what human degradation may look like (and be sure I am generally not too fussy about this ..).

Another group of bars is the "hands on" bars, of which I visited Crazy Dragon, Happy Boys, Le Gun 1 and 69. Each one has its own format, with boys either approaching or not, showing it all or not, dancing or not. Each one has its own but I must say Le Gun would be a winner if the boys did not approach too quickly, not allowing you enough time to look carefully at what is on offer. Another common point for all these places is the numerous tatooed bodies, which is a definite turn-off for me – a pity as there are beautiful guys here and there.

I hardly visited any beer bar for this time except my usual den Threezone Bar, which is more and more a place where you come for chatting with friends and looking at the Villa Rouge entrance, but not to find boys. I also saw some interesting lads in the Mic My Boy Bar, but did not have enough time to know them better.

I also met again a boy that I had known two years ago in Boy Isaan ; he said he had just come from his place in Udon Thani where he had been staying for the last twenty months – not that I am really convinced about this though. He was about to work in one of the Sunee beer bars when he saw me walking in the soi and stopped me. As he is a nice guy, I took him twice (paying the "off" fee to the bar although he was still not really hired …) and we had a very nice time together : we went to Nang Ram beach and to my favourite sea food restaurant in Bang Sare, which he appreciated. As he decided not to stay in Pattaya, I went with him to the bus station when he went back home. No idea wether we will meet again or not.

Udon Thani lad
Udon Thani lad at beach

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