07 July 2008

Dek haat

In Jomtien, the gay beach is now very quiet. So I had more time to chat with the sellers and less noise to suffer from some rude neighbours. On the downside, there was still more pression from the massage boys and the nail girls .. there seemed to be a little too much of them this time.

My all-time favourites are like always the dek haat (the beach attendants) ; at least in my usual concession, these hard-working guys are invariably helpful, smiling and cute. It's part of the game to invite one of them for a meal or more … but these boys do not have a lot of free time and they are mostly straight ; so they will not readily agree. 

Beach attendants in gay beach, Jomtien, Pattaya
Yellow chairs in Jomtien ... a nice bunch of isaan boys

I asked a new boy (fresh from Udon Thani) what he thought about it and he just answered "Khit doo kawn ..." (I'll consider it). He has now another three months left for further pondering – unless another farang is persuasive enough to help him overcoming his apprehension (or unless he goes back home for the rice crop …).

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