28 July 2008

Bangkok life

Bangkok life is definitely not bad when you are a tourist … Feeling alone in you room ? Just go outside, the streets are bustling with people, and every 30 seconds or so you will run into the nice face of a cute guy … who could well be your next friend if you are daring and lucky.

My hotel is located at the end of a small soi in Saphan Khwai, and I can enjoy the soi life as soon as I set a foot out of my room. At first I walk in front of the boy bars whose owners are cleaning their shop : those who know me as a regular never forget to greet and have a short chat. Further down the soi, there is the half hidden shop where I drop off my linen for washing .. when the laundrywoman prepares my pile of washing, she simply labels it with the word "farang" … I am probably her only non-thai customer.

Saphan Kwai aera eating paradiseAnd then there are the food stalls … they stay in the soi during daytime but as soon as 5 pm, they spread onto the both sides of the main street. Especially on Friday and Saturday nights, Pradiphat Street is a huge open-air restaurant with hundreds of thais enjoying their meal with friends or family. I love this atmosphere, I also love the convenience of a quick and cheap khao man kai when I feel a bit hungry, whatever the time of the night (and No, I never got sick from eating in the street ... )

Eye candy is of course always there in the soi or in the street … The waiters in the Rakhang Thong Restaurant are my current favourites, and I guess I will have to look closer at the workmen hired in the nearby construction site : I already know they leave at 6 pm and some of them are absolute stunners – to the point I did not dare to take a picture of them.

As for the boy working for the khao moo daeng stall at the soi entrance (owner's son probably), I still have to wait two or three more years, but he will surely be worth it. For now, his job is doing the washing up well hidden behind the cart, and helping serving the customers. Spending all his evenings near so many boy bars, it is impossible that when turning 18, he does't consider making use of his good looks ; after thinking over, he could well try his luck and if he agrees, I am OK to be his first customer


bangkokbitch said...

hello. I hope you enjoyed your latest visit to thailand. I have enjoyed reading your blog about your experiences - but only up to a certain point. In the last entry, you talk about this boy who will be "worth it" and that it is impossible that he doesnt consider working in one of the boy bars. Excuse me, I find this a bit insulting towards the boy that you objectify him as a possible provider of a (sexual) service before he's even reached adulthood. Also, the fact that he lives or works around boy bars doesnt have to make him a barboy yet. Otherwise the whole of Silom would be "considering" to work in Patpong or Soi Twilight.

LLZ said...

Hi ! I understand that my words may have been taken the wrong way and may appear somewhat provocative.
I only meant that this boy will probably one day consider the possibility - among many others - to improve his life working in a boy bar ... There is little chance of him doing this and this will be probably better for him - although the life of a boy bar in Saphan Kwai is probably less dangerous than for a boy in Soi Twilight or in Pattaya.
What bothers and irritates me is that a 15 y.o boy like him would be better studying and improving his education rather than working along a polluted street until late.