07 January 2007

Thai TV and other links with LOS

The good news for the week was the change in the schedule of the Thai TV Network that we can pick up free all over the world with a satellite dish. They have set up a brand-new schedule with more news and less games, which should be very nice. Another good thing is that their advertisings are now the same as in Thailand,which makes you feel like being there.

Thai TV is one of the few daily links I have with Thailand when I am at home, and the only one in thai language, so it is very important for me. In fact I spend much more time looking at their programs than at home channels. I remember some of their programs about tourist places in Ubon or in Prajuap Khiri Khan, and no doubt I would not have gone there had I not seen them.

Apart from that, nothing to write about ... I phone Tam from time to time but the line is very bad and I don't understand most of what he says (although he says he can hear me very clearly)...

And I read all forums and blogs about Thailand on a daily basis. Forums are not very interesting for the time being, some people using a lot energy to bash one another instead of providing news or opinions which would be so useful. Nevertheless I stumbled on a long thread on TG Message Board regarding Wat Saranrom's rent boys. I will try to sum it up here in my next message.

As for blogs, there are more and more of them and all very informative and enjoyable. I recently discovered Rice Queen Diary (link provided) where a guy writes daily about all aspects of his life in Thailand with some great boys pictures. Even if they live in Thailand - and thus are supposed to have more interesting things to write about - I wonder how these guys find their inspiration being able to write a daily column or more ! Thank you to them anyway.

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