21 January 2007

Boring ?

The weather is shitty, the work is boring and thai webboards are very slow .... what is better than a cute asian boy to feel good again ?


Anonymous said...

What a stunning photo. I wonder if this is the same boy as in the photo you posted at Christmas?
I like your taste!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a stunner. He is so cute in his thong. Not showing much of a bulge but wow. Also the kid sitting on the bed is cute. Just my type guy's with longer hair slim and smooth. Hope I see some like them on my trip in April. Nice blog. One of the best I've read. skip (luvthai on the Baht stop forum)

LLZ said...

Thank you guys for your nice words, and I am very happy you enjoy this blog.
I guess the sunbathing boy is japanese, he cannot be the same boy as the one on my Christmas post.