13 January 2007

Bangkok guns

Saranrom has been for a long time a well-known place where you can find street rent-boys in Bangkok. The boys mainly ply their trade along Sanamchai Road, from the Ministry of Defence to the Saranrom Park, on the side facing the Wat Phra Kaew coumpounds. I dropped by there once or twice many years ago but never took a boy, mainly because I did not feel really secure with this place, and also because no one attracted my interest.

The place was brought out again to everyone's knowledge by a recent thread on the Gaythailand website ("Oodles of boys !") with Gaybutton writing enticing things such as : "If you go to Saranrom Park at night you're going to find available boys virtually everywhere !!" or "Many of these boys are very good looking. VERY good looking!".

Guns at Defence Minister, Bangkok
Guns at Defence Minister - sorry prefer guns that stay there at night ...

To complete this interesting information (or shall I rather say "confirmation"), I read a very long thread which is currently going on on the TM messageboard ; the main poster writes about the most intimate details of his encounters with Saranrom rent-boys, explaining things that we farang would not dare to expose on a public website ... for example you will know that he took Khim, a 18 y/o boy who is a student in a technical school in the Phetkasem area ... This boy only agrees to top but he does it extremely well (soot yot ...), his sperm sprouted like tap water and he came twice ...

Besides this, the poster gives advice that should be of interest for all of us who would wish to go there.
At first he says that there are three very different periods in the evening : from 8 pm to 9.30 pm, the boys are mostly students and there are not a lot, but they are cute and it is the most secure time to go. There is some police presence after this time and then from 10.30 pm to 1 am, the regulars come in numbers (especially on Fridays and Sundays) including some rough ones ; there are a lot of car-driving cruisers too and you find all kinds of boys. After 1.30 am, fewer people and lower prices.

Another advice is to choose boys who are alone rather than those who stay in a group.

Third advice is avoiding gold and mobile phones - but this is a common precaution everytime you go with hustlers, especially in Thailand.

In the fourth place, and most important : be fully aware that you are mostly dealing with boys who have few education, so don't be selfish and inconsiderate, and never go into an argument about the price (which should be 500/700 THB).

As the posts go by, there are lots of other information and experiences (better to cruise in a car - or taxi, better to go in a nearby hotel such as Rose Inn (?),... ) and you will even know that the boys do not like to stay on the south part (Wat Pho, Saranrom) because the Phraratchawang policemen are harsher than their Samranrat counterparts who rule the Defence Ministry area...

All in all with the information provided by the Gaythailand website and all what is written on the TG Messageboard, I am sure I'll give Saranrom rent-boys a new try next time I am in Bangkok

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