01 January 2007

Sad New Year's Eve

A very happy New Year to everyone who takes the time to come here from time to time ...

Special thoughts for those who wrote nice things here and there about this place, such as Silom, Smiles, Dodger, Baziel and others ...

To-day my heart is not really in it, after the bad news we got about the bombings in Bangkok. I was especially affected by the fact that the two places I like the most in Bangkok were targetted : Victory Monument and Saphan Khway. The bomb in Saphan Kway exploded under a pedestrian bridge that I use four or five times a day when in Bangkok, going from my hotel to Big C, or coming back from BTS Station (where another bomb has been discovered and defused) to my hotel.

2Bangkok web site provides a link to a video shot on site : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzX6bKUJZ-o

They also have pictures, from which I could immediately spot the place where the bomb exploded : Saphan Kwai intesection between Phahonyothin, Pradiphat and Suthisan roads, 150 meters from my hotel as the crow flies.

The bomb exploded at 6 pm which is a time when many people are on the street, including the boys coming to the Soi 20 bars they work in.

I feel like being personnally attacked in what I have the dearest in my heart : the wonderful thai people, and the place which is my second home on earth : Saphan Khway. My thoughts go to those who were injured and killed in the blasts and their friends and relatives ; all these people asked for nothing except having a great night together.

I will not even try to guess who made these coward acts ; what I know is that I want to go back as soon as possible, because this is the best way to show these morons that we do not allow them to dictate us what we can do.

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