30 October 2018

Having a ball in Chiang Rai

Was it because of The Wild Boars story ? Or a recent thread on one of the boards ? I wanted to visit Chiang Rai again and so had planned two days there. Beside a change of atmosphere, I wanted to see how the only gay bar in town was going, and I must say I was nicely surprised.

only bar in gay Chiang Rai
Only gay bar in Chiang Rai ... but worth it !
Chiang Rai is one of the few small towns in Thailand where there is a gay bar left, and this Regency Bar has not changed a lot since I discovered it many years ago : same furniture, of course well worn now, same old-style bathroom remembering of what we were used to in Sunee fifteen years ago. But also a nice bunch of boys : I saw five of them, and they told me that some evenings more than ten come hanging around. And many of them quite good-looking, entertaining and fun loving local young lads. They are mostly on the masculine side but some would probably accept more if duly rewarded. Off fee is 300 THB and minimum tip 1000 THB short time.

Chiang Rai has many pubs and a great time may be had there with one boy or more. I felt that coming to the bar is for them a way to end the night dancing and drinking in one of them ; the rightly called Sperm Pub is still the most favored. 

Besides this little gem of a bar, I was blessed with the Annual Province festival which sees everyone of its 20 districts featuring in a long parade of traditional outfits and beautifully decorated floats. Useless to say that the local talent was perfectly showcased often in groups of half-naked boys of the same age … an absolute delight for the eyes, sorry the event took place at night time thus preventing to shot suggestive pictures.

Back now to more traditional activities in Bangkok and Pattaya.

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