05 October 2008


My last post sounded very pessimistic but how can you see brightness in the short-term future – at least when you are a worker - when every news you read in the papers or listen in the radio talks about unemployment, failures and recession ?

This never-ending economic crisis was probably the price to be paid for all the greediness in this world, with our governments as accomplice. I guess we will still have to wait a little bit longer before seing all the benefits that globalisation and unregulated business were due to bring to everyone – at least that was what self-proclaimed experts were promising and you were immediately labelled as a has-been or a communist if you did not agree with these crooks.

thai boy with teddy bear
A cure for pessimism
This economic system looks in fact more and more like an easy smokescreen whose only aim in our countries was to make the rich always richer. I fear this world is too rotten to draw the lessons it should draw from this mess and to make a little more room for human beings in the future …

Four weeks in Thailand will be the more efficient way to escape all the bad vibes that are now invading the world ; I trust the thai boys to be able to make all my worries disappear.

I promise to act in Thailand like the guys on the Titanic … partying as if there were no to-morrow. A la thai, sort of.

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