28 October 2008


thai boy on beach
Beach delight
Pattaya is also the place where I come for the sun, and this 5-days stay was not really up to what I had expected. I had never seen any serious flood since 10 years I come here, and this year I saw 2nd road under the water three times … a sign that the end of the world is near or only bad luck ?

However the rain could not thwart my nightly activities and I could visit most of the Sunee bars, including Happy Boys which was quite interesting. I had read about it on the boards but you never know before experiencing by yourself … So I fell for this 19 y/o Nong Khai guy and he did not wait long to invite me to go upstairs where there was no one. Another boy joined us uninvited, which I found somewhat upsetting, but this guy was probably the appointed specialist when it comes to giving a blowjob. So went the trousers down, me sucking the boy I had chosen and the “expert” doing me very skillfully. Useless to say the climax came soon enough, despite (or because) some other boys regularly passing in front of us going up to their own rooms.

Other bars were more standard but the standard in Pattaya is what you dream about all the year long. There seems to be a constant flow of “new boys” in Villa Rouge, which keeps the interest going. I invited one of these – or so he was described to me – for a drink .. completely illegal, cute as an isaan god, bud hardly any interaction – he did not even asked my name and I had to make all the conversation.

Look Boys and Sundance were also on my list but there were really too many too young lady boys in most. The really cute ones (the real boys if you prefer) seem to be in the minority, or work as waiters or doormen… a pity, as it seems obvious that they are in higher demand than the ubiquitous skinny underage ladyboys. I had the luck to find one – the muu katha guy – and I still dream over his carefulness, his charm, and also I must say about what seems to be an everlasting hard-on. Sorry I have not fallen in love – yet.

Please do not tell anyone that I went to Minou, although the place has slightly improved from the pit it was last June ; it is also briefs down over there (at least the boys’ones).

It is nice to recover from all this craziness, and this is why I am now in Bangkok for three days. Wasted time perhaps but the town has its charms and it also allows some shopping with a much wider choice than in Pattaya.

However boy shopping was not what it used to be in the Saranrom area : I went there last Monday but the display was really disappointing : very few guys, some of them too young to be honest, and not the good feeling I had last time. One of the boys I spoke with, explained that one of the reasons why not a lot turned up was the activities of the motorists gangs (dek waen) who sometimes come at night in the area.


Anonymous said...

Any recommendation on a hotel in Pattaya?

LLZ said...

There are dozens of cheap and good hotels in the Soi Buakhao area, like JP Court, Opey de Place among many others. They are not gay but you will escape the ghetto syndrome that you could meet in Ambiance Hotel for example, and you will get much more for much less money.

Anonymous said...

Thanks LLZ - I will look them up

LLZ said...

You can get more information from the straight Pattaya webboards ; my favorite is http://www.pattayatalk.com/forums/index.php?showforum=29