23 October 2008

Timeless city

As soon as I set my feet in Pattaya, everything has changed. The time has now come when you look at your watch when you begin your evening (and it is generally 8 o'clock), and the next time you look at it, it shows 3 in the morning and you wonder what you are doing sitting in a karaoke place surrounded with cute boys, half of them you do not know even their name.

So the updating will be much looser from now on, due to an obvious lack of time. Those wanting to come here should know that not much has changed, except for the quick decline of euro and the steady increase of dollar.

My first day in Pattaya was on Thursday, it began with a too long trip with the bus dropping off passengers every 500 meters or so - but this is the price to pay when you want to go local, and at least you may meet nice people during the journey. I visited several bars in Sunee with only Euro Boys having about the same boys as in June, which tells a lot about the quality of management there. I also went to Good Boys and Nice Boys which are the typical Sunee bars no one wants to speak about.

Pattaya boy
New friend from Threezone Bar
And I finally took a guy who freelanced in the Threezone Bar - young looking but with an ID card which could not possibly have been forged. We ended the night in a small thai "mou katha" shop where he had worked before - thai boys often bring you to the place where they are known, a matter of face-saving I guess but most often this ends with a good experience.

The choice had to be good because the second day was a rainy one, like I had never seen in Pattaya (but I am only a tourist). And we both staid in the room recovering from a long night out ; be sure the TV was not much used on this day. The evening was devoted to Butterfly karaoke with 5 young lads eager to sing and to have sanuk together. Among them the lao I had met last year ; he is really more sexy than ever and he has the same easygoing nature.

Sunshine has come again to-day, which allowed a first visit to the beach. Many people there, as everyone has really missed the place since it has been raining for quite a long time from what I understand. I did not stay too long because some people heavy smokers sitting close - and I am not an anti-smokers fundamentalist.

Life will continue like this for three days, the greatest worry being what shirt you will wear at night, and then I should go back to Bangkok and then Isaan. Probably a huge change of pace from the Pattaya atmosphere.

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