29 June 2008

Days off in Hua Hin

Coming from Phuket I staid one night in Surat Thani, which is a town no farang visits except as a harbour to Ko Samui. I love to spend one night or two in these thai towns because you can easily find the real thai way of life with no influence at all from the tourist industry. I have to say I could not find any chance to meet a willing boy ; even the banks of the Tapee River, how romantic they could be, seemed to be quite ordinary at night (including a lot of eye-candy, mostly busy with girlfriends)....

It was then the 5-hours long travel on the train from Surat Thani to Hua Hin - not as boring as it could sound because there is always a lot to see and to feel in the thai trains and looking outside.

I loved Hua Hin where I spent only two nights ... I had made my homework in Farangland and expected to find enough gay venues to stay busy for my stay. In fact the reviews that were written on the boards could be upadted and not in the right way : I never could find the Candlelight bar which is said to be located in Soi Sarakham (one of the few nightlife-oriented sois in Hua Hin that I walked up and down many times in vain) ; and the recently opened Kaos 1 Bar and Massage Place has closed some weeks ago.

Hua Hin beach
Hua Hin Beach

That leaves mainly the good old Red Indian Bar and two massage places, and this was more than enough. Red Indian is a kind of beer bar with welcoming boys (6 or 7 on a week evening), but most of them were of the ladyboy type so I did not stay long. This bar is right in the middle of the Hua Hin Bazar (near the entrance to the beach) and you should find it easily.

I went then to the Guys Massage Place where they have a dozen of boys, all of the rather masculine type. Some will try to entice you for a quick massage, but take the time to look at everyone, including those who try to stave off boredom sitting on their bikes - some beautiful lads there. The massage rooms are better than before and the place is currently undergoing some renovations. You will find this place walking further than the entry to Sofitel Hotel, just before the street forks for linking the main (Phetchkasem) Road. 

The third place is within walking distance : coming from Guys, cross (well, ... try to ...) the Petchkasem Road and walk up Soi 80 in the direction of the railway ; just before the end of the soi, you will find on your left the Faq Thong Bar and Massage - don't be mislead by some poorly updated guides which still quote Faq Thong in its older location on Sasong Street. This is a small bar but well decorated and friendly, and they had 7 to 8 boys on the evening I went ... among them a trio of young Nong Khai rookies of which I chose one for my great satisfaction (do not expect a great massage though). 

I guess I will come back more often to Hua Hin because of its special atmosphere ... For now, it will be three days in Bangkok and then the trip to a more common place that some still call Pattaya ...


WooHoo said...

Thanks for posting your stories.
They make me excited for MY next trip to LOS too. Kepp them coming!
Any chance of posting some photos of the boys?

Willibald said...

Hi, I was in Hua Hin recently and liked your report. Like you I can highly recommend Faq Thong Bar and Massage. Had a Nongkai boy too. You remember any names? Or have pics? Hua Hin is a nice quiet place to get out from busy Bangkok. And Nongkai certainly has Thailand's most beautiful boys!

LLZ said...

Sorry, no pic as I am very shy to take pictures of people, especially indoors.
The Nong Khai boys all came from the same village in Nong Khai province, I took the one called Golf (fair complexion) but could have chosen any one of his friends : one was very dark-skinned, long hair, barely legal face, and the other more feminine looking although very cute too. They seemed to be very shy, wriggling and smiling as soon as I uttered a word and made it clear I would take one of them.

Willibald said...

Thanks for your reply. The one I had must have been one of the other two. He had red hair, but obviously colored. Yes, they were shy and giggling, English not quite perfect, but really nice. Enjoyed Hua Hin probably as much as you did.