24 June 2008

It's a small world

One more day in Bangkok and I am now in Phuket where I had not come since before the 2004 tsunami. The weather does not seem very appealing so I should stick to the three days I had scheduled. However I like the quiet and sound atmosphere here, and lodging in the quiet and spotless Rendez-Vous Hotel in the middle of the gay places is always a real treat. All but one gay venues are clustered together which gives the area a nice village atmosphere which you do not find elsewhere in Thailand including in Sunee Plaza.

Paradise Hotel gay area in Phuket
Five gay places next door one to another

A lot of reviews have been posted recently on the boards so I will not add mine because it would not bring anything new. Phuket is now very quiet and all the boys complain about the lack of customers. I was generally the only khaek in most bars I visited although there was a full staff of boys everywhere.

I could write the same as I could have written four years ago : for me Tangmo is still the best for the boys, My Way very disappointing, and the best treasures always hide in the most out-of-the-way places. For example I liked the boys in the new Dempseys Bar which is a gay host bar next door to Connect House. And I quickly used to go to the Bi Ba Bo Restaurant which is in the inner alley which runs parallel to the Rat Uthit Road ; in this thai-owned place, they have a welcoming and caring staff, added to an unobstructed view over J&B Bar and Kai Boy Bar.

There I was sitting quietly chatting with one of the boys when a house painter working nearby approached me and asked me if I remembered him. Sorry, I could not, although his face did not seem completely unknown to the depths of my memory. It was Khit, the second boy I ever offed in Thailand, twelve years ago ... He worked in the now-disappeared Khun Bar when he was more or less 18 y/o, and we spent then some days together, including a short trip to Pattaya ; I was a rookie at the time and did not know all the ropes, so I still have mixed souvenirs of our relation which ended abruptly in a Phatphong Restaurant. He is now a wonderful 30 y/o thai man and he had since then been able to replace the broken tooth that I remembered ... Being an opportunist as he has always been, he proposed a massage which I declined ... not without an hesitation, leaving me with a strange feeling about this incredible coincidence.

Just hope it is just this .. a coincidence .. and not a bad omen that the end of my trips to Thaland could be near ...

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