20 June 2008


I am back in Bangkok since yesterday and still not fully realizing that I am now in the place I have been dreaming of since so many months ... Probably a too quick transition from boredom to abundancy, from cold weather to heat, from sharp problems to a carefree existence ...

The plane to Bangkok was far from being full (of course I could not benefit from it, being in one of the few seats which had someone next to it ...) and this is I guess a bad sign for future .. unless Austrian people are too busy with their Euro 2008).

Arriving in my hotel I had the pleasure to see they have changed their TVs and painted the whole building new ... the prices have increased but it is still a bargain. However I did not off a boy from Saphan Kwai but went to a massage place in Silom so that I could relax more easily. After a short walk, a boy in Eve House took my attention and up we went ; average massage but a very nice face face and body. There are not a lot of boys there but I always found at least one who took my fancy.

Back in Saphan Kwai, I entered my old favorite Street Boy Bar which had two students with nice faces, will take one of them for sure. In Be high only one boy looking at TV with the owner, we chatted together and he explained that because of rain, not a lot of boys had turned up and two of them were already out with customers.

Wat Sothon in Chachoengsao town
Wat Sothon in Chachoengsao town

To-day I made a short day trip to visit Chachoengsao which is a quiet town not far from the Bangkok -Pattaya road. No farangs to be seen but a lot of eye-candy along the streets especially as this town has a lot of universities (sorry, no picture). I was somewhat surprised that as soon as I walked along the river, I saw a young boy and then a woman coming to me and begging (in thai) for money for a meal ... Not an usual sight in Thailand, I hope this was only a casual encounter. Wat Sothon is huge but almost deserted ; thai people generally come in crowds every week-end. And the walk along the river or the Somdet Nakharin Park are probably the place to be at dusk if you want a boy.

To-morrow I will fly to Phuket and then slowly make my way back to Bangkok on the thai busses and trains. Hope it will not rain too much down there ...

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