01 November 2012


Four days in Bangkok : this is probably the longest stay I have made in Bangkok since at least twelve years. In order to rediscover the town for a longer time, I even gave up going to Hua Hin for one night, partly because I thought it was a long and dangerous ride for so little time. Sorry for Chico Bar where I guess the boys are as welcoming as before, sorry for the other new bars,  I will have to wait the not so far blessed time when I should have some more time on my hands.

Although I like to visit the bars in Bangok and elsewhere, and hope that they will last for a long time, I have to confess I neglected them a little. Except for a short visit to the neighbouring Be High and to Classic Boys, I found once again my entertainment with boys I had known from Camfrog.  The first one was the boy I had met last June in Mahasarakham, as he is now working in Bangkok. We met at his working place in a distant suburb in Latphrao area, and I guess he was surprised to see I had not broken my promise to meet him again. We quickly came back to Saphan Kwai for a meal in my usual restaurant and then headed for a karaoke, as I knew he was a very good singer – when he sings Phai Phongsathon songs, it's like listening to the real singer. Unfortunately he wanted a karaoke with individual boxes and this is not the format they have in the Saphan Kwai bars … so back to my room where his shyness completely disappeared. He still has the body of a 16 year old boy (despite being 22) and I could cuddle this nice isan boys for the whole night and once again on the next afternoon : he seemed much more interested staying in the room than visiting the Grand Palace though he had never visited it before.

The other boy which I had dated was this young guy from Samut Prakarn that I had called Mr. Goody Goody in a former post. He could come alone to Saphan Kwai, but I still had to wait for him at the BTS station. The night was another touching and fondling  festival and more ; I sent him back to Samut Prakan on the following day, but I realise now he likely had hoped to stay with me for a longer time. Sorry boy, I am rather of the butterfly variety …

The rest of my days was used to "working" on the net (for example updating this blog !), with some heavy rainfalls preventing me from going outside as much as I had wanted. I also went to the Chatujak area, especially in the neigbouring park where many people come to rest after the strenuous visit to the market : some eye-candy to be seen and a pleasant and fresh area right in the middle of the awful traffic of people visiting the market.

Two boys having a rest in Chatuchak park
Lazy times in Chatuchak Park
When being on my own at night, I used to have a meal in Dicks Café ; dining alone in Rakhang Thong or another fine restaurant would have been  completely out of place. One night, a short stroll brought me to the new Super A where this 22 y/o boy from Udon catched my eyes with his lean body and shy face : OK for a massage on the premises where they still have the rooms that were used when the place was a massage-only shop. What a pity they have recycled the former Super A mamasan into the official janitor of the rooms, with a mandatory 100 THB tip for getting a large amount of condoms. The boy was good but did not want to kiss.

Instead of going back to my hotel, I wanted to have another look at the Grand Palace area where I chose once again to walk rather than touring the place with a taxi. Definitely more boys than the last time I went, with some nice ones especially on the east side along Khlong Lot. Just across the canal, there is a long standing cafe/bar, open till late, which nobody ever tells about despite having quite a good patronage. Although not being 100 % gay, this City Walk Pub and Karaoke could be a very convenient basis for exploring the area.

I like being alone in Bangkok, there is always something to do, to see and to visit. End of freedom for the next 10 days in Pattaya where the boy-friend is awaiting me, but I know I will be able to visit many bars alone – result of the gentleman's agreements we had some years ago.

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