27 October 2012

Or tourist ?

Cute boat racer in Nong Khai
Cute boat competitor in Nong Khai

No Camfrog boy in Nong Khai, just the wish to look at the Mae Khong river, and add another province to the list of the places I have spent at least one night (28 and counting ...). And also to try the ”Oasis Bar” which advertises itself as being the only gay bar in town.

However I was lucky enough to stay in Nong Khai just when the Boat Races took place, which prompted me to stay two nights instead of the one that I had planned. It is not possible to stay blind at the sight of these 40 + teams of brown-skinned and well-toned men doing their best for defending their province (the one I could snap above is for me an absolute cutie). The banks of the river were full of people looking at the races, many of them being groups of young local students offering one of the most beautiful sight I had ever seen in Thailand.

Oasis bar in Nong Khai
Oasis Bar in Nong Khai
As for the bar, forget finding a boy there : it is mostly a nice place to hang out in a good atmosphere close to the Maekhong river (breathtaking views at sunset). Do not fancy the gorgeous 17 y/o lad you could meet there, he is not available and not only for legal reasons. And do not trust the map on their website : the bar is still further downstream among other bars and restaurants between Soi Pho Sri 3 and Pho Sri 4, named from the neighbouring Pho Sri temple ; you will probably have to hire a tuk-tuk to go there.

Udon Thani was my last stop in Isan before flying back to Bangkok. I was rather disappointed by the place but I had probably not enough time to visit it. Boyzone Bar was not bad with a good bunch of boys but the owner told me he could close at the end of the year due to the lack of customers, which he explained by the new internet networks allowing people to meet boys everywhere merely  by contacting them on-line.

The other Bar (City Man) is still there but as I finished paying 90 THB for a 30 THB Coke I had ordered (mamasan drink ?), I guess its reputation as a place cheating customers is still justified (and I had to stop a boy from bringing me another bottle I had not ordered).

So much for Isan, and back to normal life with some days in Bangkok.

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