23 October 2005

Rest cure in Pattaya

After three other days in Pattaya we will leave to-morrow (Monday) and fly to Luang Prabang ; Pattaya was a big mess throughout these three days as it was a long holiday for thai workers (at least those who are lucky enough to work in banks or public office or big companies) and the street to Jomtien was packed with Bangkok-plated cars. As for the weather it was not that good and to-night it rains so the bars are a little bit desert ...

What's new in Pattaya ? Well everything has been wroten about already, some bars are close (XXX), some will open very soon (Sawatdee in Boys Town) ... routine before high season I guess.

Tam let me walk alone so I could enjoy the new faces and new bars in Sunee while he enjoyed the disco and the new pictures. We both went to Jomtien every day ... the beach attendants in our concession (not the orange chairs) definitely more attractive than last year...

As I enter into the wild Laos I do not know if I will be able to log some details before I come back on the first of November

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