04 November 2004


Four days already and no new post ... time really goes very fast when in holiday in Thailand.

So in BKK I got my fix of sleaziness in Nature Boy, Super A and Screw Boy. Nature Boy was OK with 5 boys, which is more than enough in such a narrow place. Super A was very disappointing with some boys seeming really high on ya baa and other not worth climbing the stairs. Solid was better than last time, this is a gogo bar where every one seems to enjoy. Same in Screw Boys who had not a lot of customers but a great staff od boys very eager to please, using the most direct ways to show their willingness ...

On the second day in BKK we staid in Saphan Kwai which is quite lively again. Street Boys seems to do very well now with a lot of (mostly asian) customers. Heaven is a bar beer with boys (and without karaoke) and had about ten boys, of which I could have "offed" more than one. Finally we spent the evening in the neighbouring Staxx karaoke where the music is good but the air too cold.

Yesterday was the short journey to Pattaya where my two favourites places will probably be Papa David Restaurant (in Soi Day and Night) and Threezone Bar in Sunee plaza where the boys are always as attentive and good looking - not forgetting Jomtien and the hotel swimming pool of course ...

And what about the Chiang Rai boy ... well he was there at Morchit after a long travel from his place. He was introduced to the bar as promised and had his first working day there ... But he seemed very shy and could not approach the customers although there were quite a lot yesterday night ... He went to bed early, this seemed to be normal after a long travel ... This morning Tam had a phone call ... the boy was already in Nakhon Sawan, back to Chiang Rai. He simply could not get used to so many people, so many bars, and thought he could not get along with Pattaya... this remembers us that the boys in the bars make a tough job, as smiling as they can look, and we must respect them for this.

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