21 November 2004

Daily routine of a former butterfly

After travelling around the country, staying in Pattaya is a major change in everyday life : nothing to plan anymore, just getting up in the morning, going to the beach and drinking at night. More than me, Tam doesn't like this routine so we try to arrange some different activities from time to time.

Haat Nang Ram Beach near Pattaya
Resting at Haat Nang Ram Beach
Moreover I sometimes feel like stifling from so many people swarming around under the umbrellas in Jomtien, and the water there seems to be more and more dirty. So we used the freedom offered by having our own wheels to go to Sattahip beach from time to time. It is a long way (45 km) to go there especially riding a small motorbike along the road, but it is worth the ride : despite its proximity with the military harbour, Hat Nang Ram offers a quiet place with clear, warm and shallow water and the great sight of two islets - these islands being out of limit for everyone (army property). Your neighbours will be some farangs, many thai families, and sometimes groups of gorgeous young men coming for sanuking in the sea. Just avoid week-end days.

We also wandered through the Pattaya suburbs looking at the real estate projects - and there are a lot. Being not rich, and mostly being totally unsure about Thailand's future as a heaven for gay men, I do not want to buy anything for the time being but I guess the market is perhaps on the eve of booming and it could be a good time to invest now - especially because of euro's present strength. But do I trust Tam enough to put my house I would buy in his name ... the butterfly in me says no ...

Sunny Pattaya
Sunny Pattaya
Another good time was this tour trip to Ko Phai (Bamboo island) with no more than 15 guys (thai and farangs), and mostly gay people ; Tam had a great day fishing and swimming, and I had a great day looking at the landscapes and sunbathing ... different ways of life, same way to fulfill one's desires.

We spent the rest of our days on the most conventional way : morning in bed (for Tam) and in the hotel's roof area (for me), midday lunch at Papa David in Soi Day & Night (Tam's friends work there and the the meals are really good), and then Jomtien. As for the evenings ...

Well being a former butterfly I love bar-hopping and of course Tam doesn't. So he sometimes come with me, or gives me some 'free' time to allow me to go. This is sometimes the origin of some bad quarrels although it is perfectly agreed between us that I can "off" a boy at least short-time - too bad Tam is completely unavailable for group sex ...

At least two times we almost broke up because of a Nong Bua Lamphu beauty working in a karaoke, that I had the bad idea to chat with ... Not that I wanted to "off" this boy but I really cannot accept that anyone interferes with my freedom. It was only in the plane bringing me back to Farangland that I understood that for all that, I love him like on the first day. 

When doubting about the future of my relation with Tam, I always remember what I was really looking for when I was a bar butterfly ... a boy with whom I could stay long enough to have good time with, to travel with, to chat with .. I have found this boy now, I love him, we get along not too bad together (except as long as we do not speak about thai politics ... ). I am not sure what his love for me really is but he knows I am not financially able to support him, and despite this he has left Pattaya and stays at home when I am not in Thailand ...

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