31 December 2016

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I-Dont-Want-To-Use-Blogger said...

Goods morning.

More on Malaysia Hotel.

The restaurant has been 'outsourced' to a third party who has retained the most client-friendly & service-oriented of the previous staff.

The 'renovations' (external and massage centre) and the observed clientele in the restaurant are in line with the change of policy to encourage local workers to use the restaurant as an after-work social place. This has also been extended to the hotel to down-play being a "Gay Hotel". Families are being welcomed and the trend is to become a family-friendly location.

One night I just wanted a few drinks and snacks in a quieter area than the main restaurant (there were a couple of the worker social groups there making a hell of a din) so asked to use the internet lounge at the far end of the restaurant. I was astounded when told that it was unavailable because a bible group was holding a meeting there.

For some older gay men, the Malaysia Hotel has been their 'holiday home' for 20 or even 30 years. Yet these gay customers are being pushed aside for the new, trendy look. Many of the gay customers have already sought other hotels to be their home-away-from-home.

I did notice a few young (presumably MB) clients having a meal or snack by themselves but the days have gone of the flocks of young men hanging around. It would seem that there is not so much profit in the "pink dollar" as there used to be.

Time moves on; things change, some for the better, others less so. But change is the only constant and it seems the need to change has caught up with the Malaysia Hotel. Like the bars and discos, it seems the Malaysia is seeking a new customer base.