04 September 2014

Love sick The Series

Pictures, TV series… love between boys is currently fashionable in Thailand.

"Love Sick The Series" is the latest drama that no teenager would miss every Saturday on MCOT (Modern Nine TV) at 8.50 pm. The story follows two 17 y/o high school boys who eventually fall in love after a deal brought them closer together. It also deals with various teens’ issues such as peer pressure, income inequalities, bad boys and so on.

Main actors are White, 19 (June 6, 1995) as Phun and Captain, 16, (February 2, 1998) as Noh. The action takes place in Bangkok and characters are mostly thai-chinese upper class boys so not really my style but, hey, that's a sweet and funny way to spend a rainy afternoon … To-date there are already 9 episodes out, episode 10 next Sunday.

Love Sick the Series

Teaser at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVfeu7Us-wY#t=102.
You can view past episodes at http://banaze.com/love-sick-the-series-รักวุ่น-วัยรุ่นแสบ/

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