23 April 2014

Freedom at last

Finally I've  got it ... I stopped working some weeks ago, being lucky to qualify for an early retirement due to the fact that I had begun working when I was only 14. And you know what ? I do not miss work at all ! In fact for the first time in my life I feel what freedom looks like and I simply could not go backwards any more.

cute thai boy sleeping

I have yet to go to Thailand, and I would of course have reported here if I had gone. But I could have all the time I needed to prepare my next trip which is scheduled for next June. For the first time I could book my flights according to my own will without having to juggle all kinds of work commitments and deadlines, leave entitlements, weather conditions and airline promotions ... and that makes all the difference. This is what I call freedom, this what I call life.

These first months were devoted to many exciting tasks, such as resting, cycling, keeping up my thai language, looking at cycling races on TV ... And also allowing myself a trip to Tunisia as a retirement gift. 

Five weeks to go and I will be back again in Thailand ; for the first time (and because of a somewhat pushy boyfriend), I will spend one week in Cambodia. Now doing my homework ...


Anonymous said...

When you do blog it's very interesting and informative good luck in your retirement and enjoy life.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your retirement! I hope you enjoy it.