27 December 2009

Same same or different ?

After a 10 years affair with Singha Beer, I changed my mind and turned to Beer Chang some years ago. I had the privilege to be the first customer to taste their new brand in Threezone Bar and must say I was very pleased with it. They call it Classic and I found that it tasted much better than the Singha Beer and also the former Chang … however some think that the Chang company changed only the packaging and not the liquid, so is there a chemist over here who could tell more ?

Speaking about drinks, I have closed the accounts of my trip and for the first time I spent much less in the bars and discos than before … an average 975 bahts a day as compared to 1300/1400 before. Not sure this is linked to my new fondness towards Chang Classic (which comes cheaper), but I did not go very often to the karaokes and did not set a foot in any disco, and this made all the difference … However the costs for eating have soared to an average 1120 bahts a day, thanks to my boyfriend being a voracious gourmet … Accomodation remained low at an average 870 bahts a night tips included, and transport was 510 bahts a day despite three air tickets (flight to and from Thailand not included).

Highest item was the boys (counting all tips from the 100 bahts for the guy sitting and chatting in a bar, to the gifts and tips for the boyfriend) : 3300 bahts a day, accounting for about 45 % of my daily expenses.

But after all, aren't they the main reason why we go to Thailand ?


Anonymous said...

thanks for your interesting write-ups...& happy new year...

I have just spent a week in Vietnam and I met a few guys on gayromeo; two in Hanoi & a bunch of club crawlers in Saigon. Three came to my room without any hesitation, and all of them expected sex & got it; I could have fit in more if my travel schdule was more relaxed. No money changed hands, and they were all hot. Thai gayromeo guys frequently expect payment in some kind, but the Vietnamese boys who came to meet me were simply horny...eduard.

Matts said...
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Matts said...

Greetings from Finland. After reading your posts, I have to say I really enjoy them. All the waiting for the upcoming trip and everything else, well, maybe not the fact that I am not as "free" as you in Thailand, makes your stories feel like my own. Even your amount of money spent during 1 month is equal to mine.