27 August 2008

Thai Blog

I have just come across a blog that I did not know. It is called Dekwang Saranrom which could be translated as "Hustler boy from the Saranrom area" ; I have still to establish whether it is written by one of the boys who come there or by someone else.

The blog is in thai language but has some english text too and nice male pics, some of them X-rated. For what I have read and understood for the time being, the blog has stories of the Saranrom hustlers, newpapers reports about male prostitution, AIDS warnings and more. For those who can read thai, it is rather well written - meaning : intelligible but with a good dictionary within reach.

The link has been added (on the right part of this page) as well as a link to PattayaPassion - a new and welcomed addition to the already numerous boards about gay Thailand.

UPDATE - This blog does not exist any more, sorry

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