23 March 2008

What's on this week ?

I was quietly looking at the Thai TV trying to forget the snowy landscape I have now around my place. It was some program about new thai movies and my eyes were suddenly caught by some male cuties ... a short enquiry on my favourite website about thai pictures and I understood that a new teenager film has just come out on the thai screens.

It is called "Pidtermyai Huajai Wawoon" ("Hormones" is the English title); they describe it as "A heart-warming movie for all that brings the joy of summer when the school holiday has come. The film focuses to 4 stories from 4 highschool boys and girls who come across different love situations during their school break. For them, this summer is a special time to learn love."

Nothing gay, but an unpretentious story picturing another set of nice thai boys.

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anacreon said...

Vous avez raison d'aimer la Thailande...