08 May 2007

Silver scab

This is my biggest secret and I cannot hide it : I suffer from some psoriasis (โรคสะเก็ดเงิน in thai, which could be literally translated as "silver scab desease"). If you do not know what it is, the thai word says it all : it is a skin disease which causes white-silvery lesions mainly on elbows and legs ; although looking like lepra, it is not contagious at all and it is said that about 2-3 % of the western population is affected.

By chance, mine is not too widespread and not too spectacular, but nevertheless can be very annoying on the beach, or with a boy. I had to download information in thai about this disease, so that I could show it to the boy should he worry about these curious spots on my skin ("you motoby eksident ? "). In fact I never had to use it, and my boyfriend accepted it without any problem.

I tried many treatments and no one really worked except sunbathing in a hot sun ... in fact psoriasis provides me with a steady excuse for going to Thailand and the fact is I generally come back with an almost healed skin ; unfortunately this lasts only for about one month and then the lesions and the itching come back.

I guess that in my case it was caused mainly by stress so I can only hope it will improve as soon as I will retire ; as it is still a long time before this blessed day, I have to live with it for the time being.

Hot and clean water in Sattahip, near Pattaya ...

A massage boy in Jomtian advised me to go and see a specialist in Sri Racha hospital, which proves that thai people may suffer from it as well (but probably not because of stress !!!). I went there and the physician provided me with a very complete brochure (in thai) explaining the causes, the effects, and possible treatments. He gave me a lot of medicines too, and they seemed quite efficient although I don't know wether the improvements I felt came from his treatment or from my holiday ... probably both, as every time I have a paddle in clean and hot sea water, things seem to improve as well.

I have begun scheduling my next holiday .. and because of my psoriasis I am compelled to give at least fifteen days to Pattaya ... What a pity, how much I would prefer to visit all the wats and museums elsewhere in the country ....

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