24 February 2007


Singha beer

From a thread on thai360.com, I hear that Singha beer is changing its alcohol content down by 1% to 5% (the thread reporting about this was curiously entitled "Singha turns gay"...).

As it is my favourite drink when I hang out in the bars or when eating, I feel quite concerned by this important news ... Well, it is not such a bad change, as I should be less tipsy after a night out. I just hope that this wonderful beverage will taste as nice as before.... Anyway Singha beer is still 6 degrees here in France.

Google Analytics

I have just installed "Google analytics" with my blog, so that I can get some better knowledge about people who visit this place (at least where they come from and how did they link). Not that I am really interested in getting a lot of hits, but this is a pleasant toy... So I just can say hello to all new and regular visitors, especially to some who seem to visit quite frequently. I would like to update more often but hey, what could be of interest being so far from Funland, and not only from a mere geographical point of view.

Chiang Khong

I keep fond memories from the night we spent with Tam last time in Chiang Khong (Chiang Rai province). We were staying in a nice guesthouse facing the lao side, and I really liked the quiet atmosphere there. As for Tam, he got the best message for his aching leg and often spoke about it after we returned (see October 2006).

I just read that there will be a new bridge linking Thailand with Laos in Chiang Khong, so go there very quickly before it becomes another Mae Sai ....

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