17 September 2006

Lazy ?

Sichon Beach
Desert beach in Sichon
Why is it that I have not updated my blog yet ? Probably because I was too lazy to make it. Probably too because when you are in Thailand only for some days, you do not want to spoil the slightest minute struggling with a computer in some internet shop where everything is slower and less convenient.

I left the blog somewhere around Nakhon Sri Thammarat where we spent one night in Sichon ... only one night because the place I wanted to go was full and we had to sleep in the next door bungalows which were much less welcoming. Anyway the weather was not so good and we made abolutely nothing except eating and travelling the countryside on a rent motorbike.

Hey since then nothing interesting to write about but I will try to update weekly from now ... I am so jealous about SilomFarang's wonderful blog !!!!

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